Different Photographs


RC Dave Freund cooperated with me for this infamous cover shot. A month after it was published editor Gil Dodgen ran some complaint letters regarding his using a photo of such dangerous behavior on the cover. A month later Gil ran a letter from RC Dave stating "I had one hand on my chute and the other hand over my eyes . Tell your readers to quit whining".

This photo was taken at Telluride 1991 or 1992 as I buzzed the kids' fishing pond on my landing approach. If you are the photographer who took this shot, please call or E-mail me so I can give you photo credit on this page. Thanks.

This is a photo from the developement period of the Predator. I was flying a prototype after towing up from Morgan County Airport in Mountain Green Utah. I was flying with a hand-held smoke wand in an attempt to see the stagnation point. The glider is equipped with a Hall Wind Meter, and a Winter air speed indicater with a pitot tube four feet in front of the nose. The freeway is I-84.

These photos were taken by Peter Radman, then owner of Altair Hang Gliders during certification testing of the 167 Saturn intermediate wing. The glider is undergoing the torturous negative 150 load test on Mark West's test vehicle at California City California. Speed is 33 mph.

In this picture I am doing a boat-tow-launch off North Avenue Beach at the 1988 Chicago Air & Water Show. The glider is a Delta Wing Mystic "Special". The boat was powered by two 454 Chevy engines. If you took this picture, contact me so I can give you photo credit.