UpShots - John Heiney

Dennis Pagen asked me to come up with an ad photo for his new book. I think he suggested an in-flight shot. I opened the book in the center and glued all the pages together, drilled and tapped my basetube, and did a loop with the book screwed to the basetube. The bottom ad for Peter Cheney's training manual ran in Hang GlidingMagazine for years. I still run into people who expect me to be wearing that hat.

This was my off-the-wall idea for an ad for the TRX hang gliders while I was working for UP International. I made it by cutting and pasting with a razor blade and glue, using a real box of "Fiber One" cereal. It was run in Hang Gliding Magazine once circa 1993.

These were Delta Wing Gliders ads from the eighties. Bill Bennett used many of my photos during that era for his promotion.

These were UP International ads from the nineties. Considering Delta Wing, Up, and Altair ads, plus editorial submissions and other ads, my photos were in almost every issue of Hang Gliding Magazine for two decades.

I did sell photos to some non-flying companies for their advertising.